Mother’s Day Without A Mother

Mom, when you left us it tore us apart. This tenth Mother’s day without you is a pain we must endure. I know you are no longer in pain, no more suffering and that you are happy now. But I wish we had more time to spend together. We will always hold you in our hearts. I am still missing your beautiful smile from heaven above. I see your pretty face and hear you laugh out loud. I always look for you way up in the clouds. We love and miss you so much that it hurts so bad, but we know you’re always in our hearts forever. It’s been ten years but feels like ten minutes. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. A void in my life. A void in my heart. I know you’ll be watching and helping me through everything I do. I’ll try to make you proud always. I love you, Mom. We honor you with all of our heart! Mom, you watch out for me on earth when you were here, and now you are my Guardian Angel.  Your grandchildren miss you so much, and I wish you were here to see them. But in my heart I know you do love me, Mom. You’re missed everyday of the year. Tears of love pass my face although I know you are there. Wish you were here. Love you always, loving you throughout eternity.

I cried when you passed away. I still cry today. Although I love you, Mom. I couldn’t make you stay. I miss you every single minute of everyday. Always love you, Mom. I wish I could see you one more time. I miss you with every beat of my heart. The last few years were tough as my mom was in the difficult place of my life. Looking back my mom just wanted to be the great person in my life. Mom, you had given up everything for me. Thank you for everything you do!

Mother’s day is a special day to honor mothers and grandmothers, but it also can be a painful day. Today and everyday I’m honoring your memory by choosing to live my life with joy, your guidance and your love. But I know you’re still watching silently from above. I still miss my Mom terribly and bring a tear to my eye. You might not be here, but I’ll continue to honor you everyday. I am also extremely grateful to you. I appreciate more every year, the sacrifices and challenges you overcame to raise me. You’re incredible. I miss you and appreciate you more each day, especially as I trying to juggle two my kids, and a household. I wish I could ask you how you did it all with 5 kids and made it look so effortless. One day we will be reunited in the heaven. I tried to enjoy the beautiful day with my kids but yet felt so sad and hopeless. I miss you always and love you more.

Love to all mothers everywhere!



The Mother is the only person that forgets to pray for herself because she’s too busy praying for her children. 


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